West Michigan Livestock Council


How to become a Member

Membership is open to all youth ages 5 through 19 years (as of Jan. 1st) who are eligible to exhibit at the Western Michigan Fair in Ludington.  There are two classes of membership, Youth Members and Adult Members (parents/guardians of youth members).  Youth Members must complete a Member Enrollment Form to be eligible to vote for officers, or on WMLC By-Law and General Rule changes. A Parent Permission Slip must also be submitted by the November meeting for anyone tagging Market Steers, and by the March meeting for anyone tagging all other species of animal.  All members participating in the animal auction must also submit the names of Potential Buyers, and obtain the signatures of at least two potential buyers by the July meeting.  The applicable forms must be submitted to a member of the Executive Board at one of the regular meetings, via USPS, or through the council’s email address at wmlc2011@gmail.com.  

All animals tagged must be owned by the Youth Member, and a record book must be kept and submitted at the September meeting after fair.  Each youth member may sell any one, of the following three combinations of livestock: one species of large animal livestock, one species of large animal livestock and one species of small animal livestock, or two species of small animal livestock. Large animal livestock consists of steers, swine and sheep, and small animal livestock consists of beef feeders, dairy feeders, goats, rabbits and poultry.

Beef tagging takes place the first Saturday in December.  Swine tagging is held the last Saturday in April. Sheep, Beef & Dairy Feeders, and Goat tagging takes place the first Saturday in June.  All market poultry must be ordered through the Poultry Coordinator by the dates announced, and banded prior to arriving at fair.  All market rabbits must be tattooed at the Rabbit Tattoo Clinic held prior to fair.

To be eligible to sell, each youth member must also attend a minimum of three WMLC meetings held between September and August.  The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month.  For more information, please refer to the WMLC By-Laws and General Rules, or email us with any additional questions.